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Move files to your OneBigDrive folder.  OneBigDrive adds
AES 256-bit encryption ...


OneBigDrive distributes encrypted versions of your files to your clouds ...


Your files are securely stored on your clouds.  Ready when you need them ...

Use your mobile device to view your files anywhere / anytime

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How does it work?

  • OneBigDrive allows you to consolidate multiple free and/or paid cloud storage accounts into one big drive
  • So now you don't have to pay to upgrade your free account to get more cloud storage, just add another free account
  • The OneBigDrive application manages these cloud storage accounts as if they were one account

How big is it?

  • OneBigDrive currently has 52 GB of consolidated cloud storage and we are adding more storage quarterly
  • Our goal is to provide you 100 GB of cloud storage at the industry's lowest price ... only $9.99 per year
  • Imagine consolidating 20, 30, 50, 100 or more gigs of free storage into OneBigDrive

What about security?

  • Unlike most other services your files are military-grade encrypted before they leave your computer
  • They remain unencrypted on your computer, but secure on the cloud
  • Only you control the passwords and credentials required to decrypt your files
  • Your data is safe and secure and there when you need it
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50 GB Free - 100 GB $9.99 - 100 GB plus $19.99

Why pay more to store?

  • Our Free Plan, we currently have 52 GB of consolidated cloud storage and provide up to 50 GB for free
  • Our Subscription Plans, up to 100 GB is only $9.99 per year, or 100 GB Plus is $19.99 per year
  • Our plans let you manage all the cloud storage you should ever need easily and securely

What you'll get!

  • Phase 1, OneBigDrive manages all your cloud storage accounts and allows you to recover your files if they are lost or stolen
  • Phase 2, OneBigDrive will allow you to automatically sync your files across all your devices
  • Phase 3, OneBigDrive will enable you to selectively share your files and folders with one or more people
  • Phase 4, Stay tuned!
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Phase 1

  • OneBigDrive appears as a folder in your native Windows or Mac file manager
  • Your files are encrypted and secure. Only you have access to them
  • Know your files are always backed up, can never be lost again and are easily recoverable in case of loss

Phase 2

  • OneBigDrive will allow you to synchronize your stored files across multiple computers and retrieve single files or folders from your OneBigDrive
  • Mobile and browser-based access to your OneBigDrive files
  • Easily upload large files, OneBigDrive will automatically distribute them across your cloud storage accounts

Phase 3

  • Selectively share files, folders, photos, music, videos and more
  • Share for fun, share for work, share with one, share with many
  • OneBigDrive will allow you to share with anyone, regardless of whether they are a OneBigDrive customer or not
  • Phase 4, lots more!
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Single Sign-on

  • Regardless of how many cloud storage accounts you have consolidated, simply logging in to OneBigDrive gives you access to them all
  • No need to remember multiple usernames and passwords for each of your cloud storage accounts
  • Only you have access to your files, OneBigDrive does not retain any passwords or login information for your cloud storage accounts

Sophisticated Encryption

  • Many cloud storage providers send your files over the Internet un-encrypted, OneBigDrive encrypts your files before sending them to the cloud
  • OneBigDrive uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to protect your files
  • Only you can see what is inside your files or have access to your files
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